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Eric Britton 29/05/2007 16:04

On Saturday the 2nd, we are organizing in conjunction with the series of short “See Paris by Heptacycle” tours (about 45 minutes each) to which all Green Drinkers are cordially invited (and if anyone here want to translate this into French and share with other lists, including the other Paris GD list, then they would have understood what this is all about).

Here is the event in a nutshell:

1. Time: The two ConferenceBikes will be free for group use only from, can we say, 10:00 to 15:00. The first tour will set off at 10:30. You will see me standing there starting at 09:30

2. Context:
· The national Fete de Vélo, see for Paris program. (You will note that they start up only at 13:00 on Saturday)
· To check out the ConferenceBikes click to

3. Place: Our starting point could be at the Village du Vélo - rue Auguste Comte, South portal of the Luxembourg Gardens, Paris VI. Métro : Notre-Dame-des-Champs or Vavin.

4. Itinerary: To be decided. I certainly would like one that illustrates safe cycling in Paris. And if possible, also provides some useful raw materials and insights into the soon to be wonderful Vélib’ city bike project.

5. Peddlers: That’s you if you want to. But please send me a note, giving me an idea of when you might want to join us.

Also it might be an idea if we get media exposure for this. Any ideas? (Might be useful for PGD as well.)

I hope that you will be able to get back to me quickly on this if you are at all interested, since time is so short and I really do want to see how we can both make use of and a contribution to the Fete. To safe cycling in Paris. And to whatever it is that Green Drinks Is supposed to be all about. That’s the way these things should be, n’est-ce pas?

Eric Britton

PS. La rue est à nous . . . tous” : And if streets and cities are your game, please do not miss the terrific “La rue est à nous . . . tous” expo which is currently taking place here in Paris at the École nationale supérieure d’architecture. See for details - and for their catalogue. May I add that their hot 5 screen cube street show is well worth the visit. I call this gunpowder for the mind.